Only 2 updates left. Have you followed the L. Palmer Chronicles yet?

The L. Palmer Chronicles

PSA From The L Palmer Chronicles:

Have you participated in Hello’s and High-Five’s yet? 

I especially mean you, person who enjoys this post enough to hit the “Like” button, but is unsure what to write in the comments.  The more bloggers who participate, the more chances we have of making new connections.

Go on over and say ‘Hello!’

Now back to our regularly scheduled post.


Time is a precious and rare commodity for any aspiring author who is also trying to pay the bills.  For years, I have struggled to carve a few precious hours into the day for transferring my busy imagination into words.  I often crammed a sentence or paragraph in just before bed, just to get a little closer to telling the epic story within my mind.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I discovered a time machine.

While it doesn’t go 88 mph…

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Only three more updates left. Have you followed the L. Palmer Chronicles yet?

The L. Palmer Chronicles

UPDATE: You are welcome to comment and check out the blogs linked to below.  However, the award period of Hello’s and High Five’s period has ended.  To see the results, check out And The High-Five Goes To…

Blogging is about more than writing and reading.  It’s about meeting people, making connections, and developing relationships.  One of the benefits of being Freshly Pressed is the fantastic deluge of visitors.  Some have even found it worthwhile to stick around and follow.  I look forward to getting to know everyone, and would like to begin by offering a round of ‘Hello’s and High-Fives.’.

This is the first ever Hello’s and High-Five’s.  The goal is to allow fellow-bloggers to say hello, and give each other a “High-Five!” for their awesome blog.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Comment below and answer these 5 I mean 4 prompts (These may be roughly based on the Bridge of…

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I’ve been Freshly Pressed! What! Check out the L. Palmer Chronicles and see the awesome!

The L. Palmer Chronicles

Opening my email the other day, I felt a jolt in my chest as I saw the words: “You’ve been Freshly Pressed!”

After a split-second of shock and denial, I opened the email, and discovered it was true.  After only seven months of consistent blogging and six weeks since switching from Good Wholesome Fun to the L Palmer Chronicles, my post, The Marvelization of Star Wars, has been Freshly Pressed.

So, what is it like to be Freshly Pressed?

It’s like being the cupcake chosen to wear the birthday candle(s).

It’s like raising your hand amongst hundreds of others at the elementary school assembly, and being the one chosen by the super cool presenter.

It’s like practicing pitching a thousand times, and then the coach says, “Take the mound.  You are pitching today.”

It’s like mastering a video game, only to learn you really do get to become a

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