This Card Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for something Magnificent:

How about the Magnificent 7?

My family has always enjoyed a good western, with bullets whizzing by and tough cowboys in large, awesome hats, the cling of spurs, shiny guns, and, most important, galloping horses.  Then, a few years ago, our cousin Krista presented the opportunity live as real cowboys through the game Bang!.

This here game is rootin’ tootin’ fun

Bang! is an intense Italian Western card game rather like Mafia, but with ten gallon hats, horses, and spurs.  One person is the Sherriff and the others are a Deputy, Outlaw, or Renegade.  Each side is trying to “kill off” the other side, but you don’t know who is on which side.  This creates a game of mystery, strategy, and good, old fashioned heckling.  You can choose character cards that are variations on classic cowboy legends and actors, each giving you an advantage or disadvantage.  Everyone is dealt cards, and tries to survive while also trying to win.  Sometimes, you’re just scraping by a single-bullet, other times you’re doing just fine until the dynamite card that you set down blows up in your face.

My family plays this game almost every time we get together, or we have friends over.  Last New Years Eve, we ended  up with eight people playing it until about 1 AM and nearly missing midnight.  Meanwhile, outside, some of our party members were fighting with laser guns and Force FX Lightsabers.  It was like having Frontier Land and Tomorrow Land all at my parents house.

The game is most fun with:

1. Western music playing in the background (See:

2. Cowboy hats

Howdy ya'll, it's a cowboy hat

3. A bad cowboy accent.  (Here’s some lingo to help you out:

Only play the game with fun, awesome people with good senses of humor.  People who are too much like Spock from Star Trek aren’t going to follow the silliness.  Also, everyone should probably be 10 or older.  It’s a good game for parents and teens to play together, and like any good family activity, allow for time to talk.  And how better to talk about your problems than in a cowboy accent?

So, overall ratings:

Good: 10 out of 10 pieces of pumpkin pie

Wholesome: Um… 7 out of 10 pieces of pumpkin pie – due to alcohol references, and the game is based on fictitious-ly killing each other off….  But…

Fun: 11 out of 10 pieces of pumpkin pie

Altogether, that’s about a 9.

So, if you live in the area, we can set up a Bang! party for anyone interested.  Just, bring your best cowboy hat and accent, and remember, when it comes to Bang! , I don’t play nice…  Just ask my brother-in-law who I once killed off in the first round…  Though, he came back to life later and killed off three of us.  Guess Karma works in card games too.

Oh, and this game is good for up to about 8 players.  We can play it with more, but, “This Card Game Ain’t Big Enough For The Twenty Of Us”


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