How to pick on your 10 year old sister without really trying

I was testing out a new small keyboard I bought for the cramped space of the bus I ride to work, when my sister Kayla came in and decided to join in the story.  Below is our collaboration, in which I succeed in frustrating Kayla and induce my own giggling.  It is an important endeavor.

ME: Joe was a nice guy who really liked mary.  Mary was not so nice, and did not like Joe.  That’s why Joe married Susan. 

KAYLA: Then Susan and Joe had a beautiful girl named… Sierra .  And they had a son named Billy-Bob Joe. 

ME: Billy Bob Joe was hot.  Sierra was not.  Billy Bob Joe got dates.  Sierra did not, even though she was beautiful.  Then she turned into a duck named Princess NinjaPants and ate cheeseburgers.

And then Billy-Bob Joe turned into a duck too because he was horrible to his sister.  Turns out his sister wasn’t nice because she hung out a lot with Mary’s kids.  Susan didn’t like that, and so she grounded Sierra.  Sierra was kissed by a gentleman named Mallard, and turned back into a girl.  Billy-Bob Joe remained a duck.  Mary turned out to be a nice person when she got older.  She and Susan became friends and played backgammon together while Joe and Mary’s husband got in fist fights in the front yard.  Joe and Susan’s next door neighbor, Huntley, lived happily ever after.

The End.

KAYLA: Then, a girl came along and… and kissed Prince Doodyhead and he turned back into a boy and his real name came back to him and… the girl’s name was… Autumn Brown.  But, when they both got older, they were in the same classes each year.  Elementary school.  Middle school.  High school.  And college.  Then, when they grew up, they got married and had a beeeaaaauuutiful daughters.  Named Sarah, Jasmine, Alexia, Secoia, and

ME: Ms Ruflefruflenits. 

The End.  For reals.


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