Why I’ve Decided Not To Have “A Meandering Mind”

I was pondering a recent article I read on curiosityquills.com.  At least, I believe so, because I’ve read a lot today.  According to that website and others, a key to social media marketing is marketing YOURSELF and making YOU a BRAND, and also not misusing capital letters like I just did.

While the above style of that paragraph is a bit meandering, I do have a non-meandering point.  I considered changing to another blog name, something more akin to my name, and potentially to what I’m writing.  I considered something called “My Meandering Mind,” or a variation, and found a whole assortment from the culturally astute mom blog to the depressed, hey this is a random blog utilizing alliteration.

My mind might meander many moments, however I believe a blog should have a point.

Hence, though my words will meander, I’ll not let my mind wander off too far.  It’s like the thesis of an essay that is far too broad.  A single essay cannot encapsulate the world, and people aren’t going to come to my blog for my cleverness alone.  They need to be drawn in by a common interest of ideas, and then stay for what I hope is good writing.

My goal at the moment is to develop this blog to the best of my ability.  It takes work, but I think developing a brand will be far more productive than more meandering.


A brief note on alliteration: I have a personal rule that in non-stylized prose writing, alliteration shouldn’t be more than three words in a row, and have an important purpose.  Otherwise, it adds to the cheese.  I could be wrong, but I like it.


One thought on “Why I’ve Decided Not To Have “A Meandering Mind”

  1. I like the brand concept. I’m trying to see how that works on my blog, plus I’ve found myself on Twitter (different name) but trying to incorporate building a brand. I likey.

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