Reblogged Post: The Toilet Gym

Good story of life living with teenage boys. Definitely good, wholesome, and fun. Enjoy.


The Toilet Gym

By:  Wendy Bradley

            Our son began his wrestling career in middle school.  Wrestling is the six toughest minutes in sports.  It requires endurance, strength, speed, agility, commitment to maintain a steady weight balance and a gym equipped with weight training devices, such as a dumbbell.  Though the exact time our toilet became a gym eludes me now, the decision was not mine.  Rather it was the brainchild of our son, seeking to strike a balance of the aforementioned requirements of a wrestler.

Once or twice a day, the toilet area of our upstairs bathroom, situated just above our remodeled master suite, would be transformed into a mini gym; complete with sauna.  The electric heater running on high and scalding hot water rushing from the shower could make even the most feminine of females glisten with perspiration by merely walking into the closed off room.  I myself…

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