Cat Folder: Do you fluff cats before you fold them?

My parents are renting a car this week, and my mom posted the picture below on facebook:

What every car needs! A cat folder!

What is a Cat Folder, you ask?  Based on research on the Internet, CAT is for Category in Sirius Labs satellite radio, and folder refers to folder on your USB drive.

That answer, however, is incredibly boring, and doesn’t fully capture the possibilities of 1. What a cat folder could be and 2. Why you would need it on a car.

Let’s explore possibilities:

1. A mechanical device that folds cats.  It has been vetted by PETA and does not harm the cats.  Instead it uses the feline’s natural ability to bend in order to fit it into smaller sections.

2. A colloquial term for a cat carrier.  “Let’s insert the cat in the cat folder.”  It sounds a bit British to me.  “Put the cat in a jumper, then put him in the cat folder.”  This ‘cat folder’ is electronically managed, and comes up out of a seat when you press the button.

3. A digital folder that comes pre-installed in luxury vehicles so that passengers can watch premiere cat videos selected from youtube.  Lexus is working on a dog folder as well, in order to please non-cat lovers.

4. A device that emits a high-pitched whine that prevents cats from crossing the street right in front of your car.  It is called a ‘cat folder’ from the action of folding while playing poker, hence the cat ‘folding’ the game of chicken he was about to play with your car.

5. C.A.T. refers to Car, Airplane, Train, which are all vehicles your car can fold into if you press the Cat Folder button.  This was originally developed by the CIA.  It was sold to car makers to pay off the national debt.

What do you think a Cat Folder is?  Do you want one installed in your car?


7 thoughts on “Cat Folder: Do you fluff cats before you fold them?

  1. Cat folder sounds much too fancy for the cats I used to know. They had their own lives to lead and weren’t interested in mine. If I need a person holder on the other hand…Once upon a time I had cats and I had dogs (I don’t say owned, because they owned me). Whenever a stray animal saw the neon sign above my house that said ‘suckers live here’ they adopted me.

    • We don’t have strays, but somehow we have one dog that’s ours, one dog that spends half her time at our house, and another dog that is a permanent house guest. We also have people over all the time. When there’s already a lot of people in the family you don’t even think about adding more.
      Apparently, I forgot to mention this, but, I’m allergic to cats, so I’d probably not use a cat folder to contain a cat in the car. It’s no good driving with my eyes watering.

  2. Just found one in our renal car and a quick search led me here. I love all your alternative meanings so much more than the dull truth.

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