Search Engine Bingo: Experiments In Tags and Blogging

If you found this blog post via a search engine, then both of us just won Search Engine Bingo!

Bingo! I won!

Don’t you love that moment when you finally found the information you were looking for, despite clicking on link after misleading link?  Well, I hope you find the information you need, even if its not here.

Today, I wanted to share some thoughts on attempting to utilize search engines, and my overall blogging experience so far.

I think of using tags as scattering seeds.  I send them out, hoping something catches and grows into a relationship between blogger and reader.  Here’s a sample of searches that have lead to my blog:

  • good wholesome humor
  • one piece fan fiction site rated m
  • wholesome names
  • the wit of monty python book
  • cat folder
  • car “cat folder”
  • shadow and sonic in phantom of the opera- fan fiction
  • wholesome science fiction
  • what is a cat folder in a car
  • wholesome science fiction
  • west side story fan fiction tumblr
  • superman king arthur
  • fun car gadgets
  • pretentious good bad
  • blue moon models gunstar

The search that makes me most hopeful is “wholesome science fiction,” since I write wholesome sci-fi and fantasy.  It’s also a good reminder to finally post sample pieces in the “Epic Tales” section.  I have a couple pieces almost ready, so look for an update in the near future.  The most popular search appears to be “Cat Folder.”  This is a very misleading car button, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confused.  I hope my blog helped clear things up.  My favorite search so far, is “Shadow and Sonic Phantom of the Opera Fan Fiction.”

This brings many questions: Was my guest entertained by what they found, or annoyed?  Did they stop to read, or did they roll their eyes and close the webpage?  Were they searching ironically, hoping for something funny, or were they serious and really enjoy Phantom of the Opera, and Sonic the Hedgehog’s universe?

By the way, Sonic the Hedgehog has an entire universe beyond the video games.  The Sonic universe is far more than running really fast and collecting rings.  There are comic books, several cartoon series, and a whole world of fan fiction.  I had a good friend in high school who would dedicate hours to writing her fan fiction, and coloring in her own comic books and images with Prismacolor markers.  Prismacolor markers are not your child’s Crayola washable markers.  They are a higher-end, more expensive, and professional artist’s marker.

I was too busy, however, enjoying the Star Wars universe to fully bond with my friend over Sonic.  At least we had Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and other ridiculous, nerdy things.

I’ve been regularly blogging for almost two months now, although I started this blog a year ago this week.  Due to interacting with other bloggers and reading their blog, I’ve learned a lot.  As I keep this up, I think I’m finding my voice and tone.  It’s still a challenge to have time to put together a post.  That will be even more challenging as the university I work for begins the school year, and I’ll have a much heavier workload than during the summer.  However, I’ve been running with training wheels this summer, and now I feel like I can ride the big kid’s bike.  I might wobble now and then, but I’ve got a good path to go on.

Stats as of today (September 20, 2012): 1,030 views, 50 WordPress followers, 5 e-mail followers, 7 twitter followers, 82 comments (40 of which are my replies), 21 posts, and 374 tags.

Thank you to all my followers and commenters, and for all the encouraging and friendly people I’ve interacted with via WordPress and blogging.  May your blogging be succesful, may you too win


13 thoughts on “Search Engine Bingo: Experiments In Tags and Blogging

    • Since I’m still just getting started, I find they’re helpful for me to know what’s working and what’s not.
      Also, as you mention, some of the hits from searches are amusing.

  1. It’s interesting to see what sort of search results lead to one’s blog! And it’s good that they are relevant to your blog. My most popular search results is “Barbie” or “Barbie and Ken”, because of a post I did once about appearances and included a picture of those two. Not exactly helpful, haha.

    Also the Sonic Universe is great. I used to watch the cartoon all the time when I was younger! =]

    • I don’t know about all of the search results being relevant. One of the search results is a URL for a cowboy site. I do have an early post on a Spaghetti Western game called Bang, but I don’t think that’s what they were looking for.
      As for Sonic, a few months ago my youngest sister discovered “Sonic:Underground” on Netflix. It has adventures in the Sonic universe, and a rock band. Really amusing stuff.
      By the way, that’s the same sister I wrote the post “How To Pick On Your 10 Year Old Sister Without Really Trying” with.

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