Updated: Epic Tales

Did I mention I believe my talent lies in writing more so than drawing?
Also, the story involves neither magical swords, nor pointy hats.

After months of anticipation, I have finally updated the Epic Tales page under Fantasy and Fairy Tales.  The piece is darker and more serious piece than I originally intended, but I think it’s a good sample of my fiction enjoy writing.  The tone and style of this piece match closely with my current project (see here for more details).

Here’s the 30 second trailer version: One man stands accused of murder.  Does he stay and be executed in innocence, or does he escape and live as an exile?

I hope you enjoy it.

Look For Further Updates, Including:

1. A humorous fantasy piece

2. A science-fiction piece

3. Upcoming blog post about how my siblings and I survived a Zombie-Laker-Fans attack.  (For those not familiar with American Basketball, the Lakers are the L.A. based basketball team which is one of the best in the world.  They have a loyal, rabid fan base.)


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