Presidential Debate: Batman vs. Superman

As the school year comes, so disappears time I’ve had to work on my blog.  I’ll try to post once a week or so, in between doing this to books.

Today, in celebration of the debate, an important quandary:

Would you rather vote for Batman or Superman as President of the United States?

My brother and I had this important discussion yesterday, and here are some of our conclusions:

1. Superman is technically ineligible to run for president because he was not born in the United States. However, as Clark Kent, he has to have a falsified birth certificate in order to be employed and be considered a citizen.  Would Superman/Clark Kent lie in order to become president?

2. They would both run as their alter-egos.  This gives Batman/Bruce Wayne a substantial monetary advantage as well as greater fame than Clark Kent.  Clark Kent would have to work harder for wealthy donors, and probably would not receive campaign contributions from Lex Luthor.

3. Do we want a president who will remain honorable and true no matter what (Superman), or a president who is willing to get his hands a little dirty to get the job done (Batman)?

Join this important debate.  Who would you vote for?  What other super heroes would be good candidates?  Should Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Green Hornet, and The Hulk form a super-Green party?  Which of the Avengers would be a good president?

My brother and I actually concluded that of the superheroes we were discussing, Iron Man/Tony Stark would actually be a good president.  He’s not the president we want, but he is the president we need.  A genius, and he’ll just make sure things are taken care of.


25 thoughts on “Presidential Debate: Batman vs. Superman

    • I like Robin. However, for Batman’s VP I’d pick Barbra Gordon as either Bat Girl or Oracle. For Iron Man, I think The Hulk should be VP because 1. their banter is great in The Avengers, and 2. if Congress/ The Senate gets out of hand, all he has to do is start transforming and everyone will play nice just so they don’t get smacked down.

  1. I like the Tony Stark choice. Who better than a successful businessman to run the country? Smart to boot, and a no nonsense guy. Tony for president!

    • My brother and I actually like Thor better for president, but he has the same problem as Superman without the Smallville cover up story. Too bad he’s a demi god born on another planet.

  2. I always thought Wonder Woman was an Amazon, and therefore also ineligible. (Ditto Aquaman, from Atlantis.) But it’s been some time since I read DC or Marvel Comics (living in the UK they’re usually only available in specialist shops) so I don’t know if Diana has had new origins assigned to her when she was re-booted. I’m sorry, I meant that last comment in the nicest possible way. I always had a soft spot for the old Green Arrow, but again who knows what his character is like now?

    Good luck with your poll; of course, I couldn’t join in. Did I hear you mention the UK? Hmmm. Somehow I can’t see Captain Britain becoming Prime Minster over here.

    • It’s a good point. Wonder Woman technically has the same problem as Superman, but could also have the same solution: a fake birth certificate so she can become president and save the world.
      I was actually just wondering what British superheroes there are. If you could pick any superhero ever for Prime Minister, who would you pick?

      • Only captain Britain (a nod to Captain America, of course, here assisted by Merlin or Merlyn) springs to mind as a British superhero, and I’m not sure he would make a good British PM. As it’s not a requirement that UK ministers are born in the UK, can I suggest Doctor Who? He was born on the planet Gallifray, but as he always seems to speak with an impeccable British accent (as do most of his alien enemies, wherever they come from) I’m sure he might be an obvious choice!

  3. Actually, it’s interesting that three of the most recent screen incarnations of archetypal US superheroes (with or without superpowers) have featured British actors as Batman, Spiderman and Superman. Even less chance of them becoming President?

    • Yes, the actors are British, but at least Christian Bale and Andrew Garfield do excellent American accents. I haven’t heard Henry Caville’s yet.
      I love Doctor Who, but my brother had a good point that a lot of problems would come up just because Doctor Who was there. My mom mentioned that James Bond is actually a superhero, because he can run through dirt and grime, fight, and then still look really good. I agree that’s a superpower.

      • Does that make Bond never shaking but always stirring?

        What you say about Dr Who must be true: potential disaster seems to follow him about all the time, so not a good person to be Prime Minister!

  4. Batman. Afraid I have seen to many dumb moments from Clark Kent/Superman. But Batman is pure genius, he’d be better able to manage the thousand-and-one things that turned Obama’s hair grey so quickly

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