Swedish Fish: The Video Game

Das fish are in a gummy situation.

My teenage sister wanted an electric guitar for her birthday.  After convincing her she really wanted a ukelele, we ordered one online.  So we could discuss who would pay for what, and when the package to arrive, I developed a red herring – Swedish Fish: The Video Game.

Red fish as a red herring?  Hmm…

“I was just tracking the package for Swedish Fish: The Video Game.  It is going to be awesome.”

While my teenage sister easily saw through this ruse, she played along with the anticipation.  My youngest sister, however, was significantly more gullible, as were a few friends.

“Woah!  I love Swedish Fish, and now they’ve made a video game!”

Yes, and it comes with a whole bucket of fish so you can eat them while playing the game.

“What’s the game like?”

You go through a Pacman-style maze of sea-weed under the sea in your Pacman-like submarine, chomping on as many fish as possible.  You earn extra points for certain colors, and also multipliers and bonuses.  There are also upgrades to your sub, and you can customize it to your liking.  At the end of each level is an epic boss fight with such things as Swedish Sharks, a giant gummy octopus, and a clam.

While satisfied with her ukelele, I think my teenage sister is hoping Swedish Fish; The Video Game will come out in time for Christmas.

Would you play Swedish Fish: The Video Game?

What ridiculous catch phrases would it have? (Sweet fish in a salty situation?)

What else could be the game play/ story of such an epic game?

What have you used as a red herring to throw someone off the scent of an awesome gift?

Brief shout out to my youngest sister, who assisted me by coloring in this post’s image.

I should acknowledge, she wasn’t gullible for very long.


2 thoughts on “Swedish Fish: The Video Game

    • Darsh horgn borgn bloop bloop bloop… (the bloops are bubble noises)

      Maybe they would sound like a combination of the Swedish Chef and the aliens from Sesame Street? (Yup yup yup yup. Ah ha. A ha.).

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