Halloween is one of the best holidays because your house can dress up too.

Within every year, there are few annual decisions as important as the Halloween Costume.  How to carve a pumpkin, what to give someone for Christmas, which meat or to barbecue for Independence Day are contenders, but often require less agony and indecision.

It’s a dilemma of a thousand choices.  Do you wear the same costume from last year, or wear something new?  Do you make your own?  Do you pick up random things from thrift stores and make it work?  Do you just buy something from the countless Halloween store or Halloween sections at retail businesses?  Do you come up with something creative from your wardrobe?  Do you simply dress weird, or do you dress as something in particular? Do you wear something clever or classic?

And then, the ageless question:

How do you dress up your dog?  And, should you match your dog?

Blue is a proud member of Dogs Opposing Dressing Up (Do-Du)
This Halloween, her people will once again ruin her day by dressing her as a unicorn. Please don’t let this happen to you.

For costumes, you can always go classic: Witch, zombie, vampire, Frankenstein, ghost, a Charlie Brown ghost.  These can be fancy, or just a variation on regular street clothes.  As a quick fix, throw on a witch’s hat, a limp, some fangs, green make-up, and a sheet with eye wholes and you can be a wompirestein ghost.

And all Charlie Brown got was this rock.
Maybe he should believe in the Great Pumpkin.

Other classic non-horror themes: cowboy, pirate, ninja, astronaut, rocker, surfer, mad scientist.

There are all pop culture options, whether their a movie character, superhero, cartoon character, or anything else.  These can be picked up complete from the store, or build your own.  Here’s one of my sisters in her homemade Raccoon Mario outfit.

My family likes to use what we already have, or pick something up from a thrift store.  Perhaps it is because we are all quite ridiculous (in the best of ways).

Prime example: Another sister in a last minute costume

Here’s what another of my sister’s put together at the last minute for Saturday’s party:

The t-shirt and pants are from her regular wardrobe.  So is the dog.

Here’s my own costume inspired by the NASA astronaut outfits you can by for around $100 at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.

Captain of the Starship Spork reporting for duty.

Rather than spend $100, I bought a pair of coveralls, some black fabric, and some white fabric for about $20 altogether.  Then, using some old Girl Scout patches, the white cloth, and some Sharpie’s, I proceeded to make an astronaut outfit that matches my car.

If someone’s absolutely stumped, they can always play dead.  All you have to do is add rings around your eyes, pale make-up and some fake blood, and you’ve got a costume.

Have an old soccer uniform?  Go as a dead soccer player.  Have a lab coat?  Go as a dead scientist, or a dead mad scientist.  Dressed as a ninja last year?  Go as a dead ninja.  Work as an accountant?  Go as a dead accountant.

The possibilities are endless.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  What is your favorite costume ever?  What is your dream costume?  How did you make your costume?  What’s the cleverest costume you’ve seen?  What are your Halloween traditions?  If you live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, what do you do instead?

Happy Halloween everyone!

In my family, Halloween is serious business.

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SIDENOTE: Just want to acknowledge startling news that Disney acquired Star Wars.  Still don’t know how I feel about it.  Guess that needs to be my next post.


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