One Movie Poster To Rule Them All – And In The Darkness Find Them Eating Popcorn

The other day, I was sorting through the mail, when I saw this:

I barely glanced at it, and thought, “Cool.  Three posters for The Hobbit.”

Then I looked closer.

Nope.  Three separate movies.

One style to rule them all.

It does seem Bella, Edward, and Jacob are about to fight a horde of hooded orcs or other nasty monsters from Mordor.  The child Cosette from Les Miserables could be from Lake-Town/Esgaroth after Smaug attacks it.  And Arthur Dent looks handy with that sword.

Maybe Jean Val Jean is a convict who must band with a coalition of vampires and werewolves to join the battle at Lonely Mountain?  Or, Bilbo Baggins decides to go on a separate adventure where he appears in nineteenth century France and is helped by Jean Val Jean.  His life is prolonged by the One Ring, and he eventually finds himself in the middle of the battle between the Volturi and the Cullen-Werewolf coalition.  Only he and his cleverness can save Bella and Edward and their child.

For all the money put into marketing each of these films, why do they all use the same template?  Yes, there are only so many ways you can put an image and movie title together that says, “This is going to be a great experience.  Pay the ten bucks and enjoy the ride.”

In defense of Les Miserables, the poster is a variation on the original musical’s poster, which itself is based on an engraving from the original book.  The interesting shading on the title also adds some depth to it.  How could the film adaptation of the musical adaptation of one of the greatest books ever not use that imagery?

As for The Hobbit, there are better posters for the film than this image reminiscent of posters of Elijah Wood as Frodo for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Here’s one:

Few words. No faces.  Just an iconic image that plays upon collective popular culture knowledge.  Everyone who would be interested in this movie, knows it is coming.  Why say more?

As for Breaking Dawn, Part 2, there could be a better poster for this movie.  The cloaked baddies below, however, promises epicness.

For myself, I’m most excited for Les Miserables.  I have loved this musical ever since seeing the Dream Cast Concert on PBS.  Here’s an example of Samantha Barks as Eponine, for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  Musically, I’m not entirely sure about Hugh Jackman as Jean Val Jean, and Russell Crowe as Javert, but acting-wise I’m very excited.  Those are two strong, manly men playing strong, manly roles.  Also, the real Jean Val Jean (in my mind), Colm Wilkinson, is playing The Bishop.

The Hobbit is a close second (click here for my thoughts on making it into a trilogy instead of a duology).  All I’ll say about Breaking Dawn, Part 2 is that it’s very low on my list of films to watch this upcoming Holiday season.

I’ll admit this flier is the best piece of junk mail I’ve had in a long time.  I’ve gained a blog post and a coupon for free popcorn.  I think I’ll use the coupon as I visit Mr. Bond in the next week or so.

What movie posters have bewildered you?  What movies are you excited about this Holiday season?  Many of my friends are excited for Wreck It Ralph.  Have you ever been entertained by a piece of junk mail?

SIDE NOTE: Martin Freeman has an awesome career – Arthur Dent, Watson, and now Bilbo Baggins.  Here’s a fun interview with him.


7 thoughts on “One Movie Poster To Rule Them All – And In The Darkness Find Them Eating Popcorn

      • Yes, it is cheap marketing, I suppose on the basis of ‘success breeds success’: if a poster design worked for one movie with box-office financial success, it’ll work for another (substitute book / breakfast cereal / deodorant as appropriate). It may also be a meme / zeitgeist thing, but then we stray into big philosophical territory!

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