Have A Merry, Muppety Thanksgiving

My family may as well be the Muppets, so this is how we’re going to cook the turkey:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Or, as the Swedish Chef would say, “Morsk borg forken brag, bork bork bork.”


3 thoughts on “Have A Merry, Muppety Thanksgiving

  1. Tee hee! I love the Swedish Chef. I miss the Muppets. Movies are fine, but a regular TV show would be nice. I don’t know that the old format would work anymore though.

    BTW, on an unrelated note, your Gravatar doesn’t have your blog listed on it. I couldn’t remember the name of your blog and went to look on your little Gravatar that pops up if you’ve commented on my blog—no dice. Fortunately this new post was in the reader, but make it easy on a blogger buddy, would ya, and post me a link when I get forgetful?

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