Good Idea / Bad Idea : While Sick

Acquired a cold.  It’s wiped me out for the past few days.  My brain has risen to some level of cognizance, but I’m not sure how long that will last.  So, a simple post for today, in the tradition of Good Idea / Bad Idea from Animaniacs.

Good Ideas While Sick:

Drinking orange juice


Taking medicine

Wearing pajamas and watching the entire original Star Wars trilogy in between naps.  (I slept through the first third of Return of the Jedi.)

Reading a book

Bad Ideas While Sick:

Driving, especially just after taking cold medicine.  What was that on the warning label about not handling large machinery?

Going to work and getting your co-workers sick.  (I went to work Tuesday.  My brain felt like it was going to implode by the end of the day.)

Writing a coherent blog post – at least I think this is coherent….

Hope your holidays can be germ free.  I think I’m feeling better.  Hopefully, I’ll have something witty to say next week.


9 thoughts on “Good Idea / Bad Idea : While Sick

  1. Do you ever drink lemon tea with honey in it? Does wonders for me while I have a cold. That and the nasal rinse. It’s soooo weird, but it helps.

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