Shout Out to Pariah, Missouri, Sci-fi Western

My friend Andres Salazar has been out and about promoting his Kickstarter project. Besides his own great qualities as a person, Here’s the official blurb from the Kickstarter page:

“1857.  Pariah, Missouri is a riverboat boom-town and a haven for the unscrupulous. The charismatic Hy Buchanan works undercover as a foppish cheat, and creates a rag-tag team to ferret out evil, both the corruption of man and the supernatural. His first challenge is the arrival of a duo of thespians, whose intentions are not to entertain.

The Product

Pariah Missouri is a western (set right before the Civil War) with a supernatural twist. Think of it as Deadwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It leans on mysticism and folk-magic and if you enjoy settings that are heavily researched with complex characters this is for you!

Our first story will be four 22-page issues. This Kickstarter campaign focuses on the production of the first two issues printed as one double-sized issue (~50 pages). Currently issue one is completed and we are in the middle of finishing issue two, which is on schedule for the end of December. After this campaign, the team is scheduled to complete issues three and four by spring of 2013 and begin additional story lines in Pariah. This is more than one story, this is the beginning of a rich world that is being created, and YOU get to be a part of it!”

Check out the downloadable preview.

Looking at the preview, there’s a cinematic feeling, the broad view of a lawless western town, and the struggles around a seedy underbelly.  The aged coloring adds to the overall environment, and the characterization is quick but full.

I’ve known Andres for at least six or seven years now.  Besides being a fantastic human being, he is talented, witty, and an expert on most things nerd.  He’s been working on many writing and film projects over the years, and recently been developing his reputation as a stand up comic.  This is his venture into putting together an independent graphic novel.

So far he’s raised the $2,000 minimum to start, and has till December 29 to achieve the stretch goals.  The Rewards for donating are slick and styling, and the product is awesome.

Also, his project has been featured on:

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Also, check out his press release.

It’s a cool project, and I hope it opens the doors to him being able to produce and share the billion other projects and ideas he has.

Go on, check it out.


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