I’ve been Freshly Pressed! What! Check out the L. Palmer Chronicles and see the awesome!

The L. Palmer Chronicles

Opening my email the other day, I felt a jolt in my chest as I saw the words: “You’ve been Freshly Pressed!”

After a split-second of shock and denial, I opened the email, and discovered it was true.  After only seven months of consistent blogging and six weeks since switching from Good Wholesome Fun to the L Palmer Chronicles, my post, The Marvelization of Star Wars, has been Freshly Pressed.

So, what is it like to be Freshly Pressed?

It’s like being the cupcake chosen to wear the birthday candle(s).

It’s like raising your hand amongst hundreds of others at the elementary school assembly, and being the one chosen by the super cool presenter.

It’s like practicing pitching a thousand times, and then the coach says, “Take the mound.  You are pitching today.”

It’s like mastering a video game, only to learn you really do get to become a

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