If you enjoy books, movies, video games, dinosaurs, spaceships, pirates, unicorns, ninjas, and anything else Good, Wholesome, and Fun, you’ve found the right place.

The author of this blog, L. Palmer, is working on a Great Novel that will change the way we think of novels, or at least be a fun read and a good time.   She thinks she is witty most of the time, and informative at least some of the time.  She writes fantasy/sci-fi aimed towards Young Adults, but that parents will think about handing to their children, but be too busy to read in order to put down.

In the meantime, she keeps busy by volunteering with Girl Scouts, working in education, participating in wholesome activities at church, and spending time with the other eight members of her immediate family.  She has worked for ten years as resident camp staff at various Girl Scout camps, taught high school English, facilitated career skill classes for low income parents, and learned how to tap dance.  She also drives The Spaceship Spork, providing galactic tours to the grocery store, gas station, and beyond.

If you like what you see, let us know.

We’re just trying to build a network of people looking for Good, Wholesome, Fun.

Stop by and visit her backyard blog, Camp, Skits, and Other Things

Or, her side-yard blog from college: Microcosms In A Technological Society

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ok, you’ve got a lot on here that I can relate to: writing a novel (though mine is for the Middle Grade age group), Girl Scout leader (I hope you’re a better one than I am), camp staff experience, church, and teaching high school English…wowza! I think I better follow you…

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