Other Blogs With Good Wholesome Fun

  • No Page Left Blank: First post I read was about why paper books still have life. Well-written blog about writing, life, and experience, all done with love and a little humor.
  • A cool post to fire the imagination: myprettypics Here are photos of Tesla’s only remaining laboratory.
  • heylookawriterfella: A blog by Mike Allegra, children’s author.  Humorous, fun, and just a an all around good sense of humor.  Makes you feel good just by having looked at his blog.  This blog is the epitome of Good, Wholesome, Fun
  • Nerd Fitness: A blog using video game, fantasy, and sci-fi references to teach all nerd out there how to get fit.  A lot of fun.  Go on and learn how to walk like a Hobbit.
  • Pilgrim’s Lens: Just a sweet, hopeful blog by a genuine person.  Great photography, and good humor.

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